COVID-19 "Virtual Office" Treatment Plan

In order to better assist our patients during the coronavirus epidemic, White Oak Psychiatric Services is establishing virtual visiting capabilities through your web browser.

We are using the secure and proven DOXY telemedicine platform which meets medical security standards, including HIPAA.

By clicking on the provider link with your smart phone or device, you will be taken to the provider virtual clinic where you can log into their waiting room.  There is an option to save this link to your device for future use. Be sure to allow the app to use your device's camera and microphone.  It may be necessary to clear your browser history before starting this process.

When the provider is ready to visit with you, he/she will invite you into the meeting.  Once the meeting is finished, the provider will discontinue the session.

Prescriptions will be electronically sent to your pharmacy.


Please remember to call our office to check in and pay any fees or co-pays a few minutes before your appointment.

Your provider will alert you in the event that he/she is unable to see patients in the clinic or, for emergency reasons, you as a patient are unable to come to the clinic.  In this event, you will still be required to phone the clinic to check in and pay your co-pay.

After the session, it is your responsibility to call the clinic to schedule a follow up appointment.

Virtual Clinics

• Michael Williams, M.D.:

• Casey Prough, M.D.:

• Mohammed A. Mirza, M.D.:

• Shubha Raja, M.D.:

• Jennifer Brown PMHNP-BC:

• Lawrence O'Renick:

• Anthony Morrison, PhD:

• Stacey Mason, LPC:

• Chris Moon, LPC:

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